Top 5 Swimming Tips for Beginning Workout Swimmers

Top 5 Swimming Tips for Beginning Workout Swimmers

Top 5 Swimming Tips for Beginning Workout Swimmers

Are you thinking about jumping in the pool for your next workout? Make sure you check out these 5 swimming tips for beginners before you slip on those goggles.

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Exercise is an important part of anyone's health. However, with so many ways to workout, it can be hard to decide on which routine you want to follow.

Swimming is one of the best workouts out there. It targets nearly all of your muscles, making it an efficient and effective way to get toned and stay fit.

Swimming is an especially great workout for people whose bodies cannot handle high stress or high impact routines. Even the way you breathe is different when you swim.

If it's your first time swimming as exercise, it's important to follow the right swimming tips. Check out these top 5 swimming strategies to get the most out of your workout in the pool.

1. Don't Hold Your Breath

One of the most common myths about swimming is that you need to hold your breath while you do it. In fact, this is detrimental to your swimming performance.

Oxygen is essential for your muscles to work their best. No other form of exercise would advise holding your breath while doing it, so why would swimming?

Instead, practice letting your breath out slowly as you swim, exhaling through your nose. Humming while you exhale will help you keep the appropriate pace.

2. Keep Your Head Down

Another rookie mistake that new swimmers make is lifting their head completely out of the water to take a breath. This pushes their hips deeper, messing up their alignment and making it nearly impossible to swim straight.

Instead, make sure to turn your head to the side when you breathe. Your neck should not move at all as your head swivels to the left or right. Take a breath as your arm lifts up out of the water during a stroke, breathing from the same side as that arm.

3. Hips Up and Straight

If you're breathing correctly, it should be easier to keep your hips up high and straight. This can take some time to perfect as you get used to breathing from the side.

If you purchase a snorkel, you can use it to focus on your hip placement. This way you won't have to manage breathing and your hips at the same time.

4. Finish Your Stroke

Timing is everything, and this is especially true for your strokes.

New swimmers often get their stroke timing wrong, which causes them to start a new stroke before the previous one is finished. Try to make sure that your hand reaches your hip before you start a new stroke.

5. Don't Forget Sighting

Sighting is when a swimmer picks their head up to make sure they're swimming straight and in the right direction. This technique is a bit more advanced, but it's something to work toward.

Make sure not to drop your hips or legs while sighting, and it should be done within your stroke cycle. It's best to ask some professional swimmer's for advice on your technique.

Swimming Tips and More

Swimming is one of the best exercises you can do, but only if you do it right! Make sure to follow these top 5 swimming tips next time you hit the pool.

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