Understanding the Proper Golf Etiquette for the Course

Understanding the Proper Golf Etiquette for the Course

Understanding the Proper Golf Etiquette for the Course

Are you excited to get out onto the golf course and show off some moves? Before you do, it's important to understand proper golf etiquette. Learn more here.

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Golf is viewed as a sport that embodies the qualities of courtesy, honesty, and integrity.

Yes, golf is often referred to as, "the gentleman's game," for a reason. Respectful attitudes and behaviors are at the core of what golf is all about.

Don't be the player to sully this reputation by unintentionally committing one or more golf etiquette faux pas...

Educate yourself with this little refresher on a few common rules of golf etiquette so you can keep your focus on the game, instead of looking the fool.

Golf Etiquette in a Nutshell

Proper golf etiquette can really be broken down into three main tenants:

1. Respect for the game itself. This means every player to grace the green should be aware of and proficient at keeping the basic rules of golf etiquette.

2. Respect for other players. Politeness, respect, and good sportsmanship are essential. Don't distract others and stay by the green to watch the others hole out.

3. Respect the course. As Robert Baden-Powell said, "leave it better than you found it." The same applies to golf. If you leave a pitch-mark, repair it. Rake the bunkers. Replace any divots.

Respect for the Game

If you've had professional golf lessons, you know it is considered poor etiquette to not show up at least fifteen minutes before tee time.

Readiness for play is also important when it is your turn to play. Don't make others wait while you walk back to the cart to choose another club. Bring several clubs with you if it's a no golf-cart area.

Once you have completed play on a hole, leave the green quickly.

If you lose a ball, no more than 5 minutes should be taken in the search, (no matter how much you paid for that set...).

If your group delays the group behind you by losing a clear hole, allow them to play through regardless of how many players are in their group.

Respect for Other Players

When playing stroke play, if you act as the scorer, it is best practice to check the score with the player concerned on the way to the next tee.

Talking and electronic devices are not appreciated when another person is playing. Show respect for your peers by remaining silent while they putt or play.

It's also important to be mindful of where you stand when another player putts.

Avoid standing directly behind a player, behind the hole, or anywhere you might cast a shadow across their through-line.

Be sure to wait on the green until all players in your group have holed out.

Respect for the Course

More than simply repairing accidental divots, respecting the course also means deliberately avoiding damage caused by frustration, anger, or carelessness.

Do not lean on clubs, lift balls from a hole with the club-head, or handle the flagstick roughly.

Be mindful of rules for the course about cart access and always replace the flagstick before moving on.

Begin Your Gentleman's Game

Now that you're equipped with the basic rules of golf etiquette, get out on the green today!

Come to take a tour of our beautiful course, or discover the benefits of membership. Let the beauty of Green Valley Country Club add pleasure to your play every day of the year.