Why You Should Join a Gym (And Visit Every Week)

Why You Should Join a Gym (And Visit Every Week)

Why You Should Join a Gym (And Visit Every Week)

If you aren't part of a fitness center yet, that should be one of your next health goals. Keep reading to learn why you should join a gym and visit often.

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Most people know that regular exercise offers health benefits, like a lower risk for heart disease, and reduces stress. It's one of the reasons so many people go running every morning or after work. It also one reason why gyms flourish across the nation.

Of course, health benefits aren't the only reasons you should join a gym. As it turns out, you get other advantages from joining a gym. Keep reading and we'll cover some of the big reasons you should join a gym.

It's a Dedicated Environment

Ever notice how difficult working at home can prove? There are just too many other things that need your attention.

Your kids need some quality time. The trash must go out. Winter approaches and the gutters are full of leaves.

None of these distractions exist at a gym. Much like your workplace, it's an environment dedicated to a single purpose. That lets you focus on completing your workout.

You Get a Brain Boost

Ever wish your brain worked a little better? It turns out that regular cardio can actually improve your cognitive function.

Regular cardio does lots of important things, such as:

  • encouraging new brain cell growth
  • inflammation reduction
  • boosts mood
  • increasing hippocampus size

Each of these factors works toward a better-functioning brain. The hippocampus, for example, plays a critical role in learning. People in a good frame of mind work more effectively.

Not a bad payoff for a few hours a week on a treadmill.

Improved Creativity

Many jobs require a degree of creativity. Novelists and artists sit on the extreme end of required creativity, but doctors, lawyers, and scientists all depend on it as well.

It's also a sad reality that creativity declines for most of us as we age. We can take steps that slow that decline.

Much as regular exercise boost cognitive function generally, it also boosts creativity specifically. So, the next time you need some inspired thinking, swing by your gym for a while. You may walk out with the next big thing in your field.


You might think of networking as something that happens at restaurants, meetings, and conferences. The reality is that networking can happen anywhere, including the right fitness center.

Assuming you pick a gym that other professionals frequent, it's a golden opportunity. You can strike up conversations, develop friendships, and lay the groundwork for future business deals.

Plus, you get healthy at the same time. That's a kind of multi-tasking that helps you in the long-term.

Parting Thoughts on Why You Should Join a Gym

There are several excellent reasons why you should join a gym and health is only one of them.

A gym helps you stay focused on working out, which is often a challenge at home. It offers cognitive and creativity benefits. It's also an opportunity for you to do a bit of networking with your peers.

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