How to Pick the Right Venue for a Family Reunion

How to Pick the Right Venue for a Family Reunion

How to Pick the Right Venue for a Family Reunion

You don't always get to see your extended family, so planning a family reunion should be special. Here's how to pick the right venue for your gathering.

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42 percent of Americans spend between a year and a year and a half planning a family reunion. And 57 percent of these reunions accommodate between 50 and 150 guests. Finding the perfect venue represents a crucial step in this process.

Read on to learn more about how and where to plan the perfect family gathering.

Hometown Gathering or Destination Event?

Before deciding where to hold your next family gathering, consider your guest list thoughtfully. Does your family live in close proximity to one another? If so, then a centrally-located event might be best.

It will also help family members on a tighter budget with travel expenses.

But if your family members are spread across the country or around the world, then consider a destination event for added appeal.

That said, you'll need to make sure that your family members feel comfortable traveling and have the financial means to do so. This can get tricky particularly for older family members on fixed incomes or with specific health concerns.

A Venue with Choices

Families are diverse. Ideally, you should look for a destination that can appeal to multiple generations with a variety of activities.

The right country club offers sophisticated decor, fine dining options, and an assortment of activities for the entire family.

Which types of activities should you look for? Consider a country club with a golf course, a bocce ball court, a swimming pool, and more.

That way, you've got something for everyone including a lawn where you can set up games for the little ones.

Got Kids?

If you've got lots of young children in your family, consider going the kid-friendly route. A youthful reunion requires lots of diversions. So, why not incorporate them into the activities associated with the actual event?

For example, you could hold a family reunion at Universal Studios, Disneyland, or Lego Land for a one-of-a-kind experience with many great photo ops.

Going the kid-friendly route's also great if you and your family members share a love of the same cartoon characters, movies, or activities. But these venues add up very quickly.

What's more, they may prove difficult for older family members or those with unique health needs. Parks require lots of walking, which may not work for everybody.

Rustic Appeal

If your family loves adventure and outdoor activities, then consider a reunion around a group camping trip. Decide on a forest, national park, or coastal camping area that everyone can travel to with relative ease.

For an event like this, just remember that some family members may prefer to stay in cabins rather than a campground. They may not have the proper equipment for camping, either. So, find a facility with lodging options.

You'll also need a head count sooner than later, particularly if you're heading to a national park as reservations fill up well in advance. We recommend a quick call to the park you're considering to inquire into reservation timeframes.

A Family Reunion with Unique Appeal

When it comes to family reunion planning, so much of it depends on what appeals to your family. Keep your shared interests and experiences in mind as you consider different venues.

Or better yet, look for a facility such as a country club that can appeal to multiple generations. Interested in finding out more about the perfect venue for a family reunion? Contact us today to discuss your upcoming event.