Picking the Proper Golf Attire: What to Wear on the Course

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Picking the Proper Golf Attire: What to Wear on the Course

Picking the Proper Golf Attire: What to Wear on the Course

What should you wear on the golf course? Is there a specific dress code? Click here to learn how to pick the proper golf attire for the course.

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Twenty-four million Americans play golf, making it one of the most popular national sports. Golf is a game of strategy, technique, and tradition. As with many sports, the clothing is one of the most important traditions of the game.

If you're new to golf or have been a casual golfer for a while, you may be starting to wonder what correct golf attire looks like. The more you advance in learning and improving your technique, the more you'll want to dress correctly.

We're here to help you avoid faux pas on the course by wearing the correct golf course attire. Keep reading to learn what you should wear when you play!

Women's Golf Attire Etiquette

Women who golf will want to start with the right top and pants.

The top should be collared -- polo shirts are a popular choice. You can wear long or short sleeves, and exercise apparel or more formal styles, depending on your preference.

For your pants, capris or longer khakis are ideal. You can almost never wear blue jeans on the golf course. However, black workout pants might be acceptable in a pinch.

Skirts are only acceptable on the course if you wear a longer skirt, or layer a shorter one with opaque tights for modesty. Some clubs require a certain skirt length, such as below the knees. Be sure to check the rules of your club before you get dressed.

Next, you'll need to consider your accessories. You don't necessarily need to buy golf shoes right away, unless your club requires it. Start with a pair of high-quality running shoes.

You can wear sunglasses, visors, or hats as needed. Bringing a large purse may not be practical, so opt for a simple wallet, or bring a golf bag with room for your small purse.

Men's Golf Attire Etiquette

For men, the golf attire rules are similar. Male golfers should wear shirts with collars, such as polos or button-downs. You can choose from a variety of colors or patterns, but golf shirts are rarely very loud. Add a jacket or sweater over the top if you need one.

The pants must be long, or if you wear shorts, they should be dress shorts with either a flat or pleated front. Jeans are rarely, if ever, acceptable.

Golf shoes are ideal, but again, not always necessary. You can often start with workout shoes if you're early in your learning journey. Later on, the stability afforded by golf shoes will help you advance your practice. Check with your club to see whether or not golf shoes are required.

Finally, men can also accessorize with hats, visors, and sunglasses as needed for the weather.

Always Know Your Club's Dress Code

This guide to golf attire for women and men will take you a long way toward showing up properly dressed on the course. However, above all, it's important to check what your club or course requires. Eventually, you'll know the dress code by heart, and you can invest in your favorite golf attire to play in.

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